Wednesday, July 9, 2008

TV: Law and Order: SVU

We've reviewed just about every Law & Order spinoff ever, so we thought it fitting that we circle around and hit L&O: SVU or Special Victims Unit. This is probably our least favorite of the spinoffs, but it still has the quality of detective work we adore and the excellent theme song (or at least a version of it) to dance to or sing a long with.

The Special Victim's Unit is a crack team of people that deal solely with sexual crimes (or anything loosely related or thought to be a sex crime). For this reason, it is one of our least favorites of the L&O's, as it is quite graphic and disturbing.

Quick vote: We'll always love us some Law & Order, but we prefer the gratuitous sex crimes to be kept at a minimum.

Aunt Annie's 50 Cents: Law and Order? My law is to lick myself. The order of licking is: Paw, Boobies, Bumby.

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