Friday, August 29, 2008

Blogs: Indexed

This week's blog has been one that we've been following with much enthusiasm for the past month or so. We tend to be rather nerdy dogs, and Indexed doesn't do much to stop that...

In a nutshell, Indexed is a blog about graphs. There are no numbers involved, but instead relational and theoretical graphs depicting everyday occurrences. This blog is always good for a thought-provoking laugh (As in: Ha ha?) and fun to peruse on a Friday afternoon.

Quick vote: The geek dog in us loves Indexed.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Stop the presses!

All you Twilight fans, check out this website (Stephenie Meyer's website) for the latest breaking news about the Midnight Sun drama. We're going to be stuck reading this for the rest of the day.

Bitches out.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Politics: Joe Biden

Well, it's once again time for Maggie and Sammi to put on their pundit collars and judge the goings-on of the political arena. We're sure that you're as sick as we are of the McCain/Obama debacle of 2008, and to think we still have over two months left! But it was exciting this past week as Obama declared his running mate, the Democratic (duh!) Senator from Delaware, Joe Biden. We will now diverge to talk, as we can never agree when it comes to politics.

Sammi: Biden is a great running-mate for a great candidate! We have long been supporters of Obama (See previous posts on the issue!) and Biden provides an excellent backbone! His suave smile melts us in a way that Obama's grin cannot. His white hair says to us, "Hey I've got enough experience to rein in this whippersnapper over here when he gets out of line," and yet his lack of wrinkles say, "Oh McCain, I'll be here long after you've kicked the bucket!" We like him. We're proud of his work as an opposer to the Iraq war, in which so many Iraqi doggies were put in danger. And most importantly: if our celebri-crat Obama likes him, then so do we. Vive le Obam-iden!

Maggie: Stupid Democrats, I would like to see more coverage of McCain, if only to determine what portion of Cindy is made of plastic (I'm guessing around 75%). Joe Biden has been actively involved in legislation protecting women from violence and rape (Which wouldn't be necessary if every woman had a dog with her, but I digress...), but at the expense of various civil liberties. Do you want that kind of a person in such a position of power? Because personally, I value liberty. If only he could convince Obama to adopt a puppy (Don't those little girls need a little love in their lives?!), then we could love him.

Quick vote: When will the election be over?!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Music: Hercules and Love Affair

Occasionally, when we're browsing our local media store, we like to pick up a cd that we have heard nothing about, but that has a fun and exciting cover. This was the case with the album Hercules and Love Affair by the artist of the same name. We had read nothing about it, and if we had we probably wouldn't have bought it. But as it stands, we were pleasantly surprised by the sounds coming out of the cd player.

Hercules and Love Affair is a disco album. That's right, disco. The music is electronic and poppy and unmistakably disco. The result is an eclectic mix that is very difficult to describe, but pretty awesome to listen to. Mostly, it made us want to dance about (not a pretty sight, we've got four left paws each) and 'get our groove on.'

"To see you now,
To hear you now,
I can look outside myself.
And I must examine my breath and look inside,
Because I feel blind."

"With words unspoken,
The truth is revealed;
Gates fly open
You chance to be healed."
--You Belong

Quick vote: As you can see, the lyrics are quite poetic. We really like this music, it's outside of our standard genre, and it's nice to hear something to dance to, something to really enjoy ourselves to.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Books: Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

We were stunned to see that after all of the hype, we had not yet reviewed the 'stunning conclusion to the Twilight saga' known as Breaking Dawn. The road had been paved with the first three books leaving Bella with a choice between life and undeath, vampires and werewolves, a future with no end or an end with no future.... (Cue melodramatic music.)

So, as usually occurs when things undergo this much hype, the book left something to be desired. The first two-thirds of the book was full of plot twists and spins we never would have anticipated, and that's where everything takes a turn for the worst. Soon everything starts wrapping up really really well until there is no plot left and a couple hundred pages left. Then a mild conflict arises and quickly dissipates with a happily ever after pasted on top leaving the intrepid reader alarmed and full of unanswerable questions.

Quick vote: A let down. Good, but nothing compared to the first three. We were left satisfied, but not howling for more.

Friday, August 15, 2008


We're off all of next week! Our parents are going on vacation to the San Juan Islands (suspiciously close to Forks, WA) while we are going to stay with our Aunt Annie and our Cousin Echo (or First Cousin Once Removed Echo).

Aunt Annie's 2 cents: I expect you to avoid me all week, Sammi! Hey Maggie! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! Pulley?! PULLEY!?!?!

Cousin Echo's Commentary: I've got a lot of bones for you girls to dig up, you'd better get cracking!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympics: Phelpsie

Today we'd like to devote our post to Micheal Phelps, that slab of meat that has captured America's hearts. (No literally, he's a giant slab of meat. Gross. We like our men very hairy, and preferably with a tail, although Maggie is quite partial to swimmers, so that's a vote in his favor.)

Micheal Phelps, swimmer extraordinaire, winner of enough gold medals that he could hand one out to every disfigured child in China whose voice is stolen for the Olympics. (Kinda like that scene in The Little Mermaid... It won't cost much, JUST YOUR VOICE!) It is pretty awesome to watch him decimate world records and shame foreign nationals. But come on girls, he isn't that hot. And I bet all he ever wants to do on dates is go swimming or polish his medals. Notice that he brought his mom to Beijing and not some hot model? Yeah, there's a reason for that.

Quick vote: Micheal Phelps: Swimmer. iPod-Listener. Gold-Medal-Winner. Champion of Women's Hearts. Dog Disappointer. Also, donate now to find the cure for Chinese ugliness rampant in small singing children.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympics: Gymnastics

Our favorite part of the summer Olympics has to be the gymnastics. Especially women's gymnastics. Last night, we stayed up way past our bedtime (till 11:30!) watching the head-to-head competition between the Chinese and American women's gymnastic teams. Don't worry, the Americans choked and got the silver medal.

The women's gymnastics has four parts of competition:
The Balance Beam (Where the girls flip about upon a 4" wide, 5 meter long beam that is about 4.5 ft from the ground.)

The Vault (Here, the girls run and jump and flip about until they hit a table-like apparatus doing more flipping about and then land upright. This is actually a very confusing one to explain.)

The Floor (A standard floor where the girls do flips and back handsprings and step out of bounds and "dance" about like fools. This is the only part of the competition wherein they use music.)

The Uneven Bars (Two bars, one at 8 feet and one at 4.5 feet; the women hang and swing from these bars.)

After describing these events, they seem quite bizarre, but they are quite fun to watch. The men's events include: The Parallel Bars, the Rings, the Pommel Horse, the High Bar, the Floor, and the Vault.

Quick vote: Even though the US failed last night, the gymnastic teams are always a blast to watch. Tune in for more!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympics: Synchronized Diving

We had seen platform diving events before, but this week is the first time we've ever seen synchronized platform diving, an incredible sight to see. The concept is quite simple: two people (in today's case women) jump off the platform and do an identical string of flips/twists/tucks on the fall to the pool where they enter with merely the slightest of splashes.

Sometimes, the girls would do a hopping/dancing routine on the way to the end of the platform to get themselves in perfect synchronization, other times the would merely bounce on the balls of the feet three times before launching backwards into the unknown. We liked the jumps, like the one pictured, where the girls act like mirrors of each other, spinning in opposite, yet synchronized, directions. The Asian girls did their hair the same as each other, perfecting the identical ideal.

Quick vote: These competitions were awesome. If you have a chance to catch up on them use it! Also, the men should be competing as well.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympics: Basketball

This week, in honor of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, we will be reviewing Olympic events with Olympian speed, prowess, and skill. We too want to capitalize on what our father refers to as 'the worldwide marketing ploy that is the Olympics!"

Yesterday, as we were sitting around talking about how fun it was to play with Aunt Annie (Especially when a large bolt of thunder frightened her out of her mind!), we flipped on the tv to watch the much anticipated Olympic basketball match between the USA team and the Chinese team. Weimaraner's are German breeds, so we were 1.5/2 voting for Germany and .5/2 voting for Laborador, a region of Canada. Neither of these were competing, so we rooted for America, where we happen to be staying.

The game was awesome, it began with the two teams neck-and-bó zi (neck in Chinese), but eventually the Americans won 108-63. Olympic rules appear to be very similar to the NBA rules, but it's good to see some national rivalry and patriotism come into play. The tournament begins in a couple of days and you can head over to the NBC Olympics webpage to check out your local schedule so you know when to turn on your Tivo, or your TV for your dogs to watch.

Quick vote: The Olympics rule! We love it! We will now go howl the Olympic theme while trotting about officially. Farewell!

Aunt Kenya's Philosophy: Hopefully, leaders of the countries participating in the Olympics will take this opportunity to discuss the atrocities happening to canines in troubled areas such as North Ossetia, and Darfur.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Blogs: Seriously, So Blessed!

This week's blog came as a recommendation from our mother's cousin Jared. This blog, known as Seriously, so Blessed, is an excellent piece of satire. Tiffany/Amber/Megan/Nicole is your standard 20-something, mother-to-be, over the top, Mormon blogger. She discusses her life with her six week old fetus and her husband Jordan/Jason/Wes/Taylor who's in law/business/medical/dental school. Some of the features of her blog terrify us a little bit, I hope that none of you think of us in this way, after all we're dogs for crying out loud!

"This pic is from three trips to Hawaii ago. This pic rocks. My wife is the shiz."
Caption from the above picture

"WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT GO TO MORE SCHOOL, unless you want people to start calling you Yawnette. Think about it! Serious! How often do guys whistle and yell "Nice degree!" or shake there heads and say "What adorable knowledge"? EXACTLY."
--To My Searching Sisterz

"THEN we set the universe record for fun by going on a group date to Cheesecake (holy cow, just writing that made me crave it, *INSERT SQUEAL*)! We hit up the Cheese with 45 of our CFF (closest couple-friends) and did our most favorite creative activity...


took pics of ourselves pointing at our plates! CRAZY!!!

Also, I'm thinking about becoming a photoGRAPHer."
--A Cheesecake Hair Miracle

Quick vote:
This blog is freaking hilarious, fantastic satire. We love to read it and laugh. But don't worry, we're not laughing at any of you!

Aunt Annie's 50 cents: What's a blog? Holy cow, my butt smells awesome today! Oh, and just my luck it tastes awesome, too. How about them spaniels?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Movie: Saved!

Saved! was recently recommended to us by our mother's friend and the cutest baby ever's mother, Jamey. We were apprehensive at first, a movie that stars Mandy Moore and an adult Macaulay Culkin (whom IMDB claims is the most famous child star ever...), but were determined to give it a try anyways. And it's a good thing that we did, because here was an enjoyable movie!

Mary is a senior at American Eagle Christian High School and is a Born Again Christian. She is best friends with Hilary Faye (Mandy Moore), the most perfect girl in school and has a perfect Christian boyfriend. Until her boyfriend tells her that he is gay. She attempts to de-gay him by offering herself to him, and becoming pregnant in the process. Everything starts to fall apart in her life from there.

Quick vote: This movie was simultaneously sacrilegious and hilarious. We recommend it to those with thick skin and a love of satire.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Activities: Puzzling

Our mother is very into doing puzzles, and we like to help her out. See, she started a puzzle a little while ago that has 1500 pieces! We couldn't even imagine the level of difficulty on that many pieces... So we helped her out the best we could by eating as many pieces and we could get our paws on! It worked out really well, and she's got to be down to at least 1450 by now.

Quick vote: Puzzles rule!

Monday, August 4, 2008

...No post today.

We're too busy reading the Twilight Saga front to back in 24 hours. We'll let you know what's going on tomorrow...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Blogs: Twilight Guy

We know that all of you bitches out there are looking forward to this weekend's release of Breaking Dawn the fourth installment of the Twilight Series. We've been keying up all week by re-reading the series, watching movie trailers for the film that comes out in December, and browsing the internet for Twilight paraphernalia. It was while doing the latter that we stumbled across Twilight Guy, a website about a man that reads the Twilight books and documents his every step whilst doing so.

Quick vote: This blog is fun and funny. We definitely recommend it to all of you die-hard Twilight fans out there. And hurrah for Breaking Dawn tomorrow! We will be waiting to accost the UPS man while he delivers ours from Amazon.