Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Politics: Joe Biden

Well, it's once again time for Maggie and Sammi to put on their pundit collars and judge the goings-on of the political arena. We're sure that you're as sick as we are of the McCain/Obama debacle of 2008, and to think we still have over two months left! But it was exciting this past week as Obama declared his running mate, the Democratic (duh!) Senator from Delaware, Joe Biden. We will now diverge to talk, as we can never agree when it comes to politics.

Sammi: Biden is a great running-mate for a great candidate! We have long been supporters of Obama (See previous posts on the issue!) and Biden provides an excellent backbone! His suave smile melts us in a way that Obama's grin cannot. His white hair says to us, "Hey I've got enough experience to rein in this whippersnapper over here when he gets out of line," and yet his lack of wrinkles say, "Oh McCain, I'll be here long after you've kicked the bucket!" We like him. We're proud of his work as an opposer to the Iraq war, in which so many Iraqi doggies were put in danger. And most importantly: if our celebri-crat Obama likes him, then so do we. Vive le Obam-iden!

Maggie: Stupid Democrats, I would like to see more coverage of McCain, if only to determine what portion of Cindy is made of plastic (I'm guessing around 75%). Joe Biden has been actively involved in legislation protecting women from violence and rape (Which wouldn't be necessary if every woman had a dog with her, but I digress...), but at the expense of various civil liberties. Do you want that kind of a person in such a position of power? Because personally, I value liberty. If only he could convince Obama to adopt a puppy (Don't those little girls need a little love in their lives?!), then we could love him.

Quick vote: When will the election be over?!

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