Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympics: Basketball

This week, in honor of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, we will be reviewing Olympic events with Olympian speed, prowess, and skill. We too want to capitalize on what our father refers to as 'the worldwide marketing ploy that is the Olympics!"

Yesterday, as we were sitting around talking about how fun it was to play with Aunt Annie (Especially when a large bolt of thunder frightened her out of her mind!), we flipped on the tv to watch the much anticipated Olympic basketball match between the USA team and the Chinese team. Weimaraner's are German breeds, so we were 1.5/2 voting for Germany and .5/2 voting for Laborador, a region of Canada. Neither of these were competing, so we rooted for America, where we happen to be staying.

The game was awesome, it began with the two teams neck-and-bó zi (neck in Chinese), but eventually the Americans won 108-63. Olympic rules appear to be very similar to the NBA rules, but it's good to see some national rivalry and patriotism come into play. The tournament begins in a couple of days and you can head over to the NBC Olympics webpage to check out your local schedule so you know when to turn on your Tivo, or your TV for your dogs to watch.

Quick vote: The Olympics rule! We love it! We will now go howl the Olympic theme while trotting about officially. Farewell!

Aunt Kenya's Philosophy: Hopefully, leaders of the countries participating in the Olympics will take this opportunity to discuss the atrocities happening to canines in troubled areas such as North Ossetia, and Darfur.

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