Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympics: Synchronized Diving

We had seen platform diving events before, but this week is the first time we've ever seen synchronized platform diving, an incredible sight to see. The concept is quite simple: two people (in today's case women) jump off the platform and do an identical string of flips/twists/tucks on the fall to the pool where they enter with merely the slightest of splashes.

Sometimes, the girls would do a hopping/dancing routine on the way to the end of the platform to get themselves in perfect synchronization, other times the would merely bounce on the balls of the feet three times before launching backwards into the unknown. We liked the jumps, like the one pictured, where the girls act like mirrors of each other, spinning in opposite, yet synchronized, directions. The Asian girls did their hair the same as each other, perfecting the identical ideal.

Quick vote: These competitions were awesome. If you have a chance to catch up on them use it! Also, the men should be competing as well.

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