Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Music: Hercules and Love Affair

Occasionally, when we're browsing our local media store, we like to pick up a cd that we have heard nothing about, but that has a fun and exciting cover. This was the case with the album Hercules and Love Affair by the artist of the same name. We had read nothing about it, and if we had we probably wouldn't have bought it. But as it stands, we were pleasantly surprised by the sounds coming out of the cd player.

Hercules and Love Affair is a disco album. That's right, disco. The music is electronic and poppy and unmistakably disco. The result is an eclectic mix that is very difficult to describe, but pretty awesome to listen to. Mostly, it made us want to dance about (not a pretty sight, we've got four left paws each) and 'get our groove on.'

"To see you now,
To hear you now,
I can look outside myself.
And I must examine my breath and look inside,
Because I feel blind."

"With words unspoken,
The truth is revealed;
Gates fly open
You chance to be healed."
--You Belong

Quick vote: As you can see, the lyrics are quite poetic. We really like this music, it's outside of our standard genre, and it's nice to hear something to dance to, something to really enjoy ourselves to.

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Anonymous said...

Check out WIlliam Fitzsimmons. I think you'd like him!