Thursday, August 7, 2008

Movie: Saved!

Saved! was recently recommended to us by our mother's friend and the cutest baby ever's mother, Jamey. We were apprehensive at first, a movie that stars Mandy Moore and an adult Macaulay Culkin (whom IMDB claims is the most famous child star ever...), but were determined to give it a try anyways. And it's a good thing that we did, because here was an enjoyable movie!

Mary is a senior at American Eagle Christian High School and is a Born Again Christian. She is best friends with Hilary Faye (Mandy Moore), the most perfect girl in school and has a perfect Christian boyfriend. Until her boyfriend tells her that he is gay. She attempts to de-gay him by offering herself to him, and becoming pregnant in the process. Everything starts to fall apart in her life from there.

Quick vote: This movie was simultaneously sacrilegious and hilarious. We recommend it to those with thick skin and a love of satire.

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Jamey said...

Once again the bitches speak the truth!! Grant is the cutest ever. And he loves chasing Sammi's stub!