Thursday, July 17, 2008

Movie: Thank You For Smoking

We first saw this movie a couple of years ago and immediately loved it. The plot is smart and original, and we laughed a lot, to the point that it partially negated Maggie's incontinence medicine and she peed a little bit on Daddy's side of the bed! (Shhh, don't tell.)

Nick Naylor (played by the very talented Aaron Eckhart) works for the Academy for Tobacco Studies where they do 'research' that proves that smoking isn't bad for you. He goes around selling his soul, talking to people everyone on tv and in conferences, about how there is no proof that smoking is bad for you. Also, he hangs out with 'The M.O.D. squad' (Merchants Of Death) with a lobbyist for firearms and a lobbyist for alcohol.

Quick vote: Though this movie swears a lot and definitely has adult themes (which we can handle since we are two and three respectively now), we loved it, and we think that you'll love it too.

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