Monday, July 14, 2008

Books: The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston & Mario Spezi

We read The Monster of Florence a couple of weeks ago, and loved it. We're usually not super into non-fiction, preferring fiction, but this read like a thriller novel, and best of all it was true! We loved the Italian spin on everything, and the way the beginning part felt like an incompetent Law and Order.

Mario Spezi was a crime journalist for his local Florentine newspaper. When a serial killer story popped up, he was assigned to follow the case for its duration, which turned out to be many years as the killer murdered parked couples and mutilated the women's corpses. Douglas Preston moves to Florence decades later to write a novel about Florence when he meets Spezi and together they decide to solve the Monster of Florence case. As they delve deeper into the crime, they end up becoming caught in it themselves as the police arrest them for a litany of crimes.

Quick vote: This book was awesome. We highly recommend it to all of those that like detective stories and crime shows. The one caveat is that some of the descriptions of the crime scenes are a little gory, so if you're a tad squeamish just skip the section or pass on the book all together. Send us an email, and we'll give you the ending! Now we're off to chase our tail/stub!

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