Friday, July 11, 2008

Blogs: Wrong Kmiller

We stumbled upon this blog by accident, but now peruse it by choice. The concept is simple, a person, Kerry Miller (Man, woman? We're not sure.) has an email address of kmiller [at], which many people mistakenly email things to. Kerry then posts these emails at his blog, and they are quite an interesting collection of peoples' lives. Some of our favorites include:

"...Fun stuff... you are welcome to help me house-sit some of the nights the rest of that week--we can cook exotic and walk Blackie and ?sew? and you can sleep in Jean's room and we can drive back together in the morning (assuming it won't hurt your school schedule)."
--you can't blame the jungle for this one

"hey wassup kyle?!..its gus from northstar the other day. hope all is great w/u on yet ANOTHER deep pow day.

this is some sick shit huh? it just keeps dumpin...."
--that is some sick shit

Quick vote: This blog is short, sweet, and hilarious. We <3 it.

Note: Since there wasn't really a picture included on this blog, we enclosed this picture of Sammi sitting in a camp chair. We apologize for the fuzzy quality, cameras are hard for dogs to operate.

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