Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Music: Hello...x by Tristan Prettyman

We got this cd from our Aunt Didi, with several others she had been trying to get our mother to listen to. From the first listen, we loved it! Her music is like Sheryl Crow meets Ani Difranco; a little bit of country, a little bit of indie, a little bit of rock and roll, and a little bit of chick/chic.

"I can't believe I even came,
Don't even know your name.
Boy you know that ain't my scene,
But you gotta play by the rules
If you ever gonna win the game.

Never gonna fall, I'm never gonna fall
For that old trick again."
--California Girl

"You swim in and out of my heart
Like a fish in a bowl.
Getting warm with summer approaching,
But still my feet are cold.

No matter how hard I try,
Don’t think you’ll ever see,
That your love is a perfect blindfold for me?"

Quick vote: We really like this album, it's eclectic and inventive.

Aunt Kenya's Philosophy: This album is a breath of fresh air in my life full of aggravation. The perfect soundtrack to chewing on bees, barking at birds, barking at my nemesis Einstein, or napping in the shade.


4 Reale said...

Glad you liked it! TP is one of my flavor flaves of all time. Def on my top 5.

I can get you her other albums if you'd like, dear bitches? She has an EP - Love and her first album 23.

Also, I met her once. And it was amazing. She is just as rad in person.

Cassandra Anne said...

We're never ones to turn down free cds............

Are you coming camping this weekend? We would love one extra person to jump on in the middle of the night!

4 Reale said...

Hells yes I am, Miss Bitches. And I shall bring your new compact discs filled with Tristan Prettyman goodness.