Friday, July 18, 2008

Blogs: Stuff White People Like

We've been reading this blog for a while, and just realized that we had never recommended it to our regular readers and fellow butt-sniffers. The blog's pretty self-explanatory, basically they talk exclusively about things that white people supposedly like. The entries are shockingly accurate (We are not white people but brown/grey dogs, but we live with white people so we know what they are like.), and quite funny.

"White people who read TIME will quote these statistics, but even non-TIME reading white people will throw in stats they read in a less-than-credible study. It’s not unusual to hear such thingsas “I don’t mind this neighborhood since I’m not Republican. 80% of them are anti-minority, you know” or “I don’t think you should let Sally play softball because 70% of softball players are lesbians”."
--Statistics (see above picture)

"Comparing people to Hitler is an easy way for white people to get a strong point across to the less enlightened, or the insufficiently white. Everyone knows who Adolf Hitler was. And everyone knows that Hitler was very, very bad. Therefore, if a white person really, REALLY, doesn’t like something or
someone, he or she may angrily say something to the effect of, “This is exactly the same kind of thing that Hitler used to do!” accompanied by varying levels of profanity based on blood-alcohol content. No matter what your gut reaction may be at that point, do not disagree with that white person. Otherwise, well, you love Hitler."
--Comparing People to Hitler

Quick vote: Basically, this blog is awesome.

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