Thursday, July 24, 2008

Movie: The Dark Knight

After hearing all of the hype surrounding the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight, how could we not sneak into a movie theater to watch it??? We did really enjoy the previous film, Batman Begins, and as our parents were going, we thought it the perfect opportunity. We spent the duration of the previews licking popcorn and soda off the ground and then, sufficiently gorged, we settled down to view one of the most discussed films of the decade.

Though we were worried about the movie's length (2.5 hours, times 7 for dog years = 17.5 hours), we hardly noticed it in our excitement! This film deserved all of the attention that it received and more, we thought it was incredible. Christian Bale returned as Bruce Wayne/Batman along with several other repeat characters. This time though, Batman comes up against an evil villian, the Joker (as you all know, played by Heath Ledger), a psycho killer/mad person. Heath did an incredible job in this role, creeping even us out (and we eat our own feces!!!). Also incredible in this film was Aaron Eckhart (see our favorable mention of him here) playing the attorney Harvey Dent. And then there was Maggie Gyllenhaal who played the love interest, and who (surprisingly) played the role worse than Katie Holmes did.

Quick vote: This was one of the best movies we've seen in a long time, though it was not without its faults (namely Maggie Gyllenhaal and a few long-winded action scenes). We definitely recommend checking it out; from the beginning bank robbery scene to the final chase scene, it's nonstop action, adventure, and awesome.

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