Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Music: Elevator by Hot Hot Heat

We've been listening to Hot Hot Heat for a while (mostly just Make Up the Breakdown though), and we got our hands on Elevator. If you've never heard of Hot Hot Heat, we would compare it to a ruder, hasher form of the Killers. Their lyrics as well as their music lack manners, and we love them both!

"I've given up on social niceties,
I threw 'em out when I threw out your keys.
Along with all your records I can't stand; you never even listened to any one of them.
You're never gonna drag me out again,
With all the people that were never ever even your friends.
So here it is, your final lullaby:

So goodnight, goodnight.
You're embarassing me,
You're embarassing you.
So goodnight, goodnight.
Walk away from the door,
Walk away from my life."

--Goodnight, Goodnight

"Blame me for the elevator - I know you will.
It's not me who's the operator but you're going down.
You'll be sorry when you're singing all alone."

Quick vote: This album is a lot of fun, we really enjoy it. Great soundtrack for chasing down a cat or biting your sister on the neck.

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