Wednesday, June 18, 2008

TV: Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip

We have recently been watching Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip on Hulu, because it was unfortunately canceled after its first season. We anticipated it being a knock-off of 30 Rock, since we heard that the show was canceled to make way for 30 Rock. However, this was not the case; the show reminds us more of The West Wing than 30 Rock, but perhaps that's only because that smarmy guy is in it. Regardless, it's a really smart show and we really enjoy it.

The show is about a fake television studio called NBS, and their SNL-esque program, Studio 60 and the Sunset Strip. It talks about everyone from high-powered executives, to the lowliest assistant. Costumers, writers, actors, directors, presidents, chairmen of the board; no one is too high or too low to be discussed.

Quick vote: We love this tv show. It's awesome.

Aunt Annie's 50 cents: When is Oprah on? I like to bark at the sad people.

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