Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Music: Hideaway by The Weepies

We've long been fans of The Weepies, and were naturally excited when their new album came out this spring. This album does not disappoint. Their music is quite folksy and lyrical, and we were pleased that Hideaway lives up to their earlier album, Say I Am You.

"I see the bare moon raise his big, bald head.
I see my friends played the fool.
I'll make my own way in the wide world,
Just now I don't want to wander too far.

Even the stars sometimes fade to gray,
Even the stars hide away."

"Left behind everything I knew;
All the colors but bone-white and sky-blue.
Hit the continent running.
Engines were humming just to break through.

Antarctica, my only living relative.
Antarctica, I can't wait anymore."
--Antarctica (though we had hoped they had been punny and it was Aunt Arctica.)

Quick vote: This album is excellent. Folksy, smart music that leaves you humming and wondering the words.

Word of Caution: The Weepies are not to be listened to before skiing.

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