Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Music: I Get Wet by Andrew WK

We first heard this album a while back, but were re-introduced to it recently, courtesy of Jocie's iPod. This music is perfect for a crazy dance party/rave, or dance-dance revolution soundtrack. I Get Wet is a psychedelic ride of quick, strong beats; very repetitive lyrics, and guitar that you can't help but chase your tail to.

Note: This picture isn't the album cover, but we liked this one a whole lot better, so it's what we have displayed for your viewing pleasure.

"It's time to party, let's party!
Hang out with yourself and have a crazy party!
Hey you, let's party!
Have a killer party, and party!"
--It's Time to Party

"We are a population.
We are a factory.
We don't do, but we never did anyway.
We are your mother's father,
We are your fighter's friend.
You can't stop what you can't end.

I love New York City!
Oh yeah, New York City!"
--I Love NYC

Quick vote: The lyrics are crazy and nonsensical, the beat is remarkable, and we're wagging our tails in excitement. This is pretty fun music!

Aunt Izzy's Wizz-ord: This is my kind of music!!!!!

Aunt Kenya's Philosophy: I can't believe this kind of music exists, it's a tribute to mankind's stupidity. I judge you all!

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