Friday, June 20, 2008

Blogs: Mental Floss

Recently, we've become fans of the uber-bizarre blog, Mental Floss. This blog is chock-full of all sorts of fun; crazy facts, fun quizes, brain-teasers, and many ways to waste away your last hour on a Friday afternoon. We especially like the quizes such as: Name all the US Presidents, and Saved by the Bell Trivia.

"A Russian health spa has erected a statue of three cherubs holding an enema bulb. The spa in Inozemtsevo performs a lot of enemas and decided to use a sense of humor when commissioning the artwork. Artist Svetlana Avakova was inspired by Botticeli’s painting Venus and Mars when she designed the 1.5 meter statue."
--The Weird Week in Review

"Are Men Boring? Women say “yes”; men say, “what? Did you say something?”"
--Ice Found on Mars

Quick Vote: This blog is a lot of fun, and a lot of wasted time. Excellent!!!

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