Monday, June 23, 2008

Books: Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser

We just read a disputed classic novel, Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser. This novel was fairly incendiary for its time, several publishers refused it because it was too 'sordid,' or rather, because the line between good and evil was quite blurred in the plot. The main character looks all of her life for fame and fortune, and despite many setbacks, she does become rich and famous in the end. She's selfish and greedy, and never gets her just desserts, an inflammatory idea for the time (1900).

Carrie Meeber moves to Chicago from her small town life to live with her sister and make her way in the world. She works through many hardships at a shoe factory, all the while admiring the women around her who can afford to dress nicely and buy pretty things. She runs away from her situation to a life as a mistress (though this is never spelled out in the book) to a wealthy salesman who refuses to marry her. She is only destined to go up from here.

Quick vote: We're with the 1900-public, we wanted to see selfish Carrie and her selfish companions end up taught a lesson in the end (though some do). Overall, we liked the book, it was an interesting period piece.

Aunt Izzy's Wizz-ord: This book was whack, foo! I'd pay a guap to see Sistah Carrie's @$$ kicked!!!

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