Friday, June 13, 2008

Blogs: I Am Neurotic

We recently ran across the blog I Am Neurotic in our internet perusals and instantly liked it. People hop on and enter in their various quirks and neuroses for general enjoyment. We have long had several neuroses ourselves (checking our email being one of them), and it's good to see other people's problems.

"I fear that loud noises turn the tile in my house into lava, like the games I would play as a kid. It didn’t affect the carpet though. So, when the toilet flushed, or the microwave/oven beeped, I would have to be on the carpet or else I would get burned by the lava. Then it just became habit."
--molten lava

" When somebody is talking to me I type the words that they’re saying out by clicking my teeth. I click the left side for letters that you would type with your left hand, the right side for letters you would type with your right hand, and I close my teeth together in the middle for the space bar. I seem to do it more often if I feel nervous. I even type out my own thoughts when I’m trying really hard to put things into words… "
--teeth typing

Quick vote: This is a pretty fun blog, great to browse on a lazy Friday afternoon, so enjoy!

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