Wednesday, June 11, 2008

TV: Raines

We watched the pilot of this television show as a free download from iTunes, enjoyed it, and then promptly put it out of our mind until it recently showed up on Hulu. (To read our blurb about Hulu, go here...) We're chronic lovers of the crime-detective genre, as well as psychological and science fictional type shows, so Raines was right up our alley.

Raines follows the life of LAPD Detective Mike Raines (yes, the show is named after him) and his bizarre crime-catching practices. He hallucinates the victims of the murders he is trying to solve, but in a different way then you might think. The victims don't solve his crimes and haunt him until he does so, but they're figments of his imagination and they only know as much about themselves as Raines himself, so throughout the entire show they are evolving, changing clothes and accents and all sorts of other things. It's quite fun.

Quick vote: Jeff Goldblum has his ideal role in Raines, a crazy smart guy, and he plays it well. We really enjoyed this show, though there are only seven episodes and then we think it was canceled.

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