Wednesday, June 4, 2008

TV: The Bachelorette

We have watched the past three or so seasons of The Bachelor, so we were pretty excited when we first heard that there was going to be an season of The Bachelorette on next. On a previous Bachelor (Not this season, but the one before.), the eligible Austin hottie, Brad Womack 'put his heart on the line;' in the end, he dumped both of the girls and left the show empty handed (a first in Bachelor history). One of the girls he left behind, the manipulative one whom we despised and who spent the whole show detachedly scheming for Brad's heart, now has her own show to find her own "true love".

DeeAnna Marie Papis, Greek Goddess, Southern Belle, manipulative crazy face: come on down, it's your turn to find the love of your life! We don't think this girl deserved the one chance she got, let alone her own show, but it's not up to us who gets to have their own dating television extravaganza. The boys are not as catty as the girls when fighting in these shows, but they do get a little rowdy which is fun (though not as dramatic). We look forward to seeing how this season of The Bachelorette plays out in the end.

Quick vote: Though we don't really like the bachelorette herself this time around, we're still excited to see exactly what happens when she's paired with 25 hot guys all vying for her attention. What's not to like?

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