Wednesday, April 16, 2008

TV: Top Design

Though we haven't watched the show Top Design for a while, we were quite into it in it's first season, and we think it's available for viewing online. It aired a year or so ago on the Bravo network, and was one of a number of the same variety of reality tv shows (e.g. Top Chef, Project Runway) on at the time.

Each week, the aspiring interior designers have a project or special concept that they have to design 'a space' for (e.g. Picky design students, children) with different price. Then a group of professional interior designers evaluate their work.

Quick vote: It seems like another cheesy reality show, and it actually is. But we always like to find new ways to decorate our doghouses. With such a small space, you need to maximize functionality!

Aunt Annie's 2 cents: Maggie and Sammi! Stop blogging and start finding me treats! Some nieces you two are...


4 Reale said...

I effing love the bitches.

Cassandra Anne said...

Thanks Sarah!!!

When are you going to get some bitches of your own to be our friends???