Thursday, April 3, 2008

Movies: Dan in Real Life

Looking for a funny movie, we decided to check out Dan in Real Life. Steve Carrell, Dane Cook, and rave reviews made us certain we were in for some chuckle-worthy good times... However, we were quite disappointed on this front. The film had a funky indie vibe, but it lacked the humor we were so desperately searching for.

Dan is an author of a parenting column and a widower with three teen-aged daughters. He is on family vacation when he meets a phenomenal woman at a book store and they hit it off right away. It turns out that this woman is his brother's new girlfriend, and he has to suffer through this whole family vacation listening to everyone praise her, and pining after her. See what we mean? Not funny!

Quick vote: Although we can recognize it now for a great love story and a funky indie-type film, we were so disappointed on our first viewing at it's lack of comedic value, that we may never be able to get over it and truly appreciate this movie for the gem it actually is.

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Jinx said...

I totally agree. I just saw this movie and felt totally jipped. I give it no thumbs (neither up nor down - opposable or otherwise)...didn't hate it, but just didn't really enjoy it.