Monday, April 21, 2008

Books: Outside Magazine

Alright, alright. We know that Outside is a magazine, and not a book, but we've been quite busy, we had our Aunt Annie come stay with us for quite some time and she takes a lot of looking after, she's very needy, and we haven't been reading a ton. So cut us some slack!

Outside is an awesome magazine for those of us that enjoy the outdoors (This does not mean you, toy poodles!) The authors include incredible pictures of great places to visit, as well as recommendations to best enjoy your time outdoors and to stay in shape. Our favorite part is when they review all sorts of outdoorsy gear, we sure do love to spend money on camping and hiking stuff! You should see all of our camo gear...

Quick vote: We really enjoy this magazine, we've had a subscription for about a year now (Rather, our mother has a subscription, and we thieve each copy from her after she has sufficiently dissected it.) If you're looking for the latest info on the nicest stuff, check it out!!!

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