Thursday, April 10, 2008

Movies: Ratatouille

Though we are only one and two, we actually are much more mature than that, as dogs age faster than humans. So normally, we're not really into children's movies, but for the Pixar suite, we will make an exception. We have watched (and licked!) the Pixar film Ratatouille and we find it quite to our liking. It's sweet, not too big, and has a bit of a spice to it!

A rat loves to cook. A boy wants to be a chef but cannot cook. Together, they can conquer the culinary world!!! Or can they?!?!

Quick vote: This Pixar film is cute and fun. And we're all for animals and humans interacting more fully. Check it out, if you're into this sort of things.

Aunt Annie's 2 cents: I hate rats.


Anonymous said...

sup maddymort and eye-gore! i was just chillin' and decided to read this blog. just so you know, aunt annie is not totally against rats because they provide her enjoyment when she hunts them down in the budges compost pile and usually tries to flaunt her prize around so everyone will know that she is an excellent hunter and capable of killing anything. but just to throw a little comment in on the movie, it's pretty good, but aren't all pixar movies just exquisite? so i still am just going to do this anonymously so i guess i'll catch you on the flipside g and g prime!

Jinx said...

I've never had the pleasure to meet Annie, but considering that she (herself) said that she hates rats, coupled with Anonymous's anecdote of how Annie enjoys hunting them down and KILLING them...I'm going to go out on a limb and say that she's QUITE against them.

It's fascinating what one learns about the psyche of dogs when one allows them to blog.

Anonymous said...

well whoever jinx is, i'd just like to tell you that you that i'm aunt annie's human, and that last comment you made was really intrudin'. i know my own dog like chocolate knows puddin'. i might even say i know her like a flower knows buddin'. so get your facts straight next time and stop all this meddlin'. i'm out, but i love you two nieces and i'm proud that you can use a computer.

Cassandra Anne said...

Carter "Bustah Rhymes" Fawson, meet our mom's cousin Jared "Jinx" Garlick. Jared, meet our father's brother Carter.

Thanks for reading!!!

Jinx said...
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Jinx said...

Whoa! No need to be hatin'. I love the "Aunt Annie's 2 cents" addition to recent reviews, and I'm just going by what I read. If claiming to hate rats and actively hunting them down with intent to kill is how we're defining "not totally against", I'm cool with that. Seriously. Didn't mean to offend.

Anonymous said...

it was all a joke in the first place, no hatin' involved. but nice to meet you jared. i just like to joke and what not, i was never offended, i was just in a rapping mood. if you want to call it rapping, it is more like mediocre rhyme. but what ev g.

Jinx said...

Phew!! Glad to meet you too. When I first read your reply I thought you were pissed, but then on re-read I realized you were rapping, and then I just wasn't sure. Sadly, the Jewish blood in me's made me too white to ever really grasp rap...except possibly for the works of Robert Van Winkle. (Go, White boy! Go, White boy! Go!!)

I was bracing myself for another "harsh" reply and I was gonna have to email Cassandra directly to try to smooth this over. lol.

Anyway, Good to know I can play around and not make any owners - er...humans - angry.