Saturday, April 5, 2008

Advice: Medical

We dogs have some insight for you, our faithful readers. We sure you have, as our parents oft have, traveled to the mystical doctor or even the hospital when you have a wound or sickness of some kind. What a waste!!! We recommend instead, licking whatever ails you, and it will heal in no time!

Recently, Sammi accidentally ran into a barbed wire fence, creating a silver-dollar sized wound that went as deep as her muscle! Our parents took her in to the evil vet, put her under anesthesia, and then stitched her wound up. However, it wasn't until our mother removed the stitches, and Sammi was able to lick the wound unhindered did the wound finally start to scab up.

Quick vote: Dog's Tongue >> Evil Vets. So let us lick you, it'll be good for you!

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