Wednesday, April 23, 2008

TV: Iron Chef (Japan)

We love cooking shows. There's something about watching a chef chop up a thick piece of raw meat and drooling all over our parents' couch that gets our day started off right. We recently gotten into watching the Iron Chef, the Japanese edition.

The idea is, there is a challenger cook, and he goes tete-a-tete with one of the resident Iron Chefs. They get a 'secret ingredient' (e.g. stingray, oxtail, tofu, peaches) and have to prepare four (though they have been known to prepare up to eight) dishes incorporating this ingredient. The show is filmed in Japanese, but is dubbed (poorly) in English, and the result is incredible. The women are coy, the Iron Chef's take themselves too seriously, and the whole show is a melodramatic masterpiece.

Quick vote: This show will make you want to whip out your cutting boards, big knives, and pots to start cooking! We're drooling right now thinking about it, so grab a bone to gnaw on, settle down on your mom's couch, and enjoy IRON CHEF!!!


Jinx said...
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Jinx said...

Maggie, Sammi, I'm so glad the two of you approve of this show!! Iron Chef America is fine, but Iron Chef Japan is awesome!!! Especially when Iron Chefs Michiba, Sakai, or Morimoto are competing (all 3 of whom were namesakes for characters in my first Garlickdance movie, "Warriors of Light").

Several of my friends, Brandon, and I are all huge fans!!

BTW: A few years back there was some fancy anniversary concert for Les Misérables that you can still catch on PBS now and then, and at the very end they perform an extended version of "Can You Hear The People Sing?" featuring several of the orignal "Jean Valjean's" from around the world, and when the Japanese "Jean Valjean" came out we were shocked to see Chairman Kaga belting it out!! Haha!