Thursday, April 24, 2008

Movie: Juno

Though we tried several times to sneak into the theater to see Juno on the big-screen, we weren't able to make it, and we just barely got around to watching it. This highly-acclaimed indie flick, definitely stood up to all the hype. It was quirky, funny, and ultimately had a good message. (We're not afraid to admit that Maggie, the weak one, shed a tear or two.)

Sixteen-year-old Juno becomes pregnant (we're actually not sure how that really works, so we unfortunately can't enlighten you there). She goes through the process of finding an adoptive family, making decisions about what will happen to her baby, determining her relationship with the father, and attending high school all at once.

Quick vote: This show was quirky, cute, funny, and had an incredible soundtrack. What's not to bark about???

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