Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Music: Songs About Girls by Will.i.am

FYI: We have a guest star with us for the next few days, our Aunt Annie Fawson. We love our Aunt Annie, though she is a tad cynical and narcissistic. She'll be putting her two cents in now and then, watch for her curly-haired ears!!!

We have gotten our paws on Aunt Jiggy's iPod, and have found some incredible musical gems on there. This week's selection is from the oh-so-talented artist will.i.am and his album Songs About Girls. This album is larger than life, and also quite graphically sincere/original.

" Mommy lookin good from her head to her feet.
She forty-four, but she still lookin sweet.
And you can tell her daughter aint even at her peak.
Cause her mama lookin so hot, packin that heat.
So be a good girl and thank your mama.
She make me steamin like a sauna.
Look out, look out, here she come now.
Look out, look out, here she come.

Baby where'd you get your body from?
Tell me where'd you get your body from.
Baby where'd you get your body from?
Tell me where'd you get your body from.
I got it from my mama."
--I Got it From my Mama

"Yeah, She Be Flyin'
But, She A Girl
That Makes Her A Fly Girl!
--Fly Girl

Quick vote: If you're into the objectification of women and lyrics so simple you'll think a poodle wrote them, then by all means check out will.i.am!!!

Aunt Annie's 2 cents: Do you pronounce that name as william??? Explicit lyrics hurt my tender, sensitive ears.


Anonymous said...

sup my two favorite nieces? I am so glad that you are including aunt annie in this because it will help her cope with her depression problems while she is away from home. just tell her that i miss her. but now onto the subject of where williams girl got her body from. contrary to popular belief she got her body from both of her parents, and it is pretty much impossible to get your entire body from yo momma. so you tell william that she go it from both parents. i don't know how to do this so i just put anonymous. it's bustah rhymes in case you was wondering. love you two!

Cassandra Anne said...


This is Annie. When can I come home and smell your butt? It's alright here in Salt Lake, but Sammi is buggin'.


P.S. Flashlightflashlightflashlightflashlightflashlight.