Thursday, April 17, 2008

Movies: Memento

This movie is trippy! We sat down this past week to watch Memento, starring Guy Pearce (Time Machine, Count of Monte Cristo) and Carrie-Ann Moss (Chocolat, Disturbia, The Matrix Trilogy).

The main character, Leonard, is in an accident and loses the ability to create short-term memories. He retains his long-term memory, but every few minutes, he forgets what he is doing or why he is doing this. He is striving to avenge his wife's death, and reminds himself through an intricate, disorganized process of Polaroids and tattoos. The story itself is mostly played in reverse chronological order, so you feel like Leonard, completely in the dark as to what went on before-hand. Classic line, "Why am I chasing this guy? Oh wait, he's chasing me."

Quick vote: This movie is definitely one you have to give your full attention, but it's a must-see. Even after watching several times, we're always noticing new clips and nuances that leave us reeling. The level of detail is astounding.

Aunt Annie's 2 cents: This movie makes perfect sense to me. I also have no short-term memory. Why am I typing on this keyboard???

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