Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Music -- Flight of the Conchords (season 2)

Have you ever tried a kiwi? What a delicious, juicy surprise! It’s not often that unfamiliar floor food is so luscious (Sammi will never forgive Mom for the clove of garlic she dropped on the floor last week). We also imagine that taking a large bite out of a human kiwi would be delicious. Lamb fed, ruddy, and natural human-kiwi induces our Pavlovian drool response.

As part of our vigilant food detection regimen, we have been learning how to identify Kiwis who may stray within our perimeter - remember, no fence can contain us. One important exercise has been listening to a couple of talented New Zealanders: the Flight of the Conchords.

We enjoyed the first season of their television show, The Flight of the Conchords, and the second season doesn’t disappoint. We were especially touched by the episode dedicated to ‘Pepileptic Dogs.’ Bret and Jemaine dedicate their time, musical talent, and powerpoint skills to raise money for this important-yet-obscure cause.

More importantly, just like the first season’s soundtrack, the Conchord’s newest music inspires our parents to sing along and generally act like fools. So, if you feel like laughing at some over the top musical comedy, this may be your ticket.

“Some people say that rappers are invincible
We're 'vincible (we're 'vincible)
What you are about to hear are true stories (real experiences)
Autobiographical raps (things that happen to us)
All true - bring the rhymes!”
-- “Hurt Feelings”

“Bret, she was looking at me
No, she was looking at me
Bret, she was looking at me, she had her eye on my knee
Dawg, I am sorry, she had her eye on my guns
Oh, you're loco! She was checkin out my buns
No bro, she had her eye on me
She had her eye on me
Well how could she have her eye on both of us?
Wait a minute, you talkin’ bout the girl with the lazy eye?
I think she might have had a slight little lazy eye
We're both in love with a sexy lady with an eye thats lazy
The girl thats fly with a wonky eye
She’s smokin’ with an eye thats broken, I think it's hot
The way she looks left a lot”
-- “We’re Both in Love With a Sexy Lady”

Listen to the album or we’ll bite you. Really. We’re starving -- what ever happened to free feeding?

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