Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Movie - Up In the Air

In order to better understand our father, we snuck out of our house to watch George Clooney's latest picture, Up In the Air. We will never understand the obsession of humans to fly in the sky like birds. We hunt birds and find their flesh delicious. Perhaps our father flies on planes to snatch fresh prey from the sky. Yum! We will have to ask him when he gets home.

In any case, we loved Up In the Air. We laughed at the obsession Ryan Bingham has over hotel rewards and airline frequent flier miles. We have licked our butts through many long discussions between our father and our grandpa Dean about their 'medallion status' and which airport has the best-equipped crown room. BOooooring.

The movie had a great message and ended realistically. It was fun, fresh, and interesting. It was one of the best flicks we've seen in some time.

We loved George Clooney's salt and pepper hairstyle. Maggie, the elder of the bitches, has started to show her age in the grey hairs on her chin. There is nothing wrong with greying with age, and we don't understand why humans insist on coloring the evidence of their wisdom. Additionally, Maggie's boobies (She has 8, while Sammi has 10. Believe us, the boy dogs love Sammi's extra pair!) are starting to sag with age, and she sees no reason to get doggy booby enhancement surgery, the boy-dogs love her just the way she is! That is, if she would ever let them get near her at the dog park...

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