Wednesday, January 21, 2009

TV: Kath & Kim

We've heard several people mention that Kath & Kim is one of the stupidest shows on television lately, and as such is actually quite funny. So after hearing all of these rumors, we decided to try it out for ourselves. The show, while ridiculous and bizarro is an interesting character study, and we found ourselves interested in watching more, perhaps rubbernecker-style.

Kath is a loving, though quite clueless, mother to her daughter Kim, who is worthless in every way imaginable. They are both obsessed with fashion and have their own unique styles. They both love to keep up with all the Hollywood gossip. Kath is in a healthy relationship and preparing to get married to a man who has recently lost 200 pounds; while Kim is estranged from her doting husband and lives with her mother. The makings of some great love stories right there. The show is ridiculous and pretty funny, but also quite annoying and we suspect that you will feel differently about this show based on your mood and lack of sleep.

Quick vote: This show is stupid. But we kind of like it... Don't judge us!

Also, happy birthday Aunt Izzie!!!!

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