Monday, January 19, 2009

Books: It by Stephen King

We have been reading the book It by Stephen King for quite some time. We picked it up back in December, but had a hard time finishing the >1000 pages, and picked up several books in the interim. This weekend, however, we finally finished the behemoth and lived to tell the tale!

It is the story of Derry, Maine; a small town that is being terrorized by a large unknowable force that feeds on children. Seven eleven-year-olds set out to defeat the being, the It and nearly do, but twenty-seven years later It is back again, and they must return. It often shows up in the form of a clown, or your worst nightmare incorporated into a clown (e.g. zombie clown, werewolf clown). We liked the book, but it wasn't quite as scary as we had hoped for. We kept waiting for the super scary parts found in other classic Stephen King books, but it just got creepy and grotesque. It definitely wasn't worth the 1,000+ pages.

Quick vote: Meh. We wouldn't recommend it.

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