Monday, January 5, 2009

Books: The Laramie Project by Moises Kaufman

We picked up this play over the holiday break (While our parents were lounging by the beach...) on a recommendation from our Grandma Christa. We haven't read any plays (other than Shakespeare) for a while, and it was fun to pick up The Laramie Project, and we finished it in about an hour.

The members of the Tectonic Theater traveled to Laramie, Wyoming after the brutal beating of openly-gay college student, Matthew Shepard. They interviewed members of the community, both those that were intricately involved in Matthew's life and were around that fateful night, and those that had just heard about the incident secondhand. They then got together and compiled all of the interviews into a play, which they performed all over the country, including in Laramie itself. We found it quite interesting to read the responses of the community to the life and death of a remarkable young man.

Quick vote: This book is a quick and interesting read about a town not too far from us. We recommend it!

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