Wednesday, January 28, 2009

TV: Friday Night Lights

We watched the pilot episode for this television show several times and were never quite able to get into it. Above all, we felt, it was a show about high school football, and we didn't think that it could be much more than that, but boy were we wrong.

Friday Night Lights, is an interesting drama unlike any other television show currently out there. It's filmed like a documentary, following the star football players as well as their girlfriends, families, and coach through their convoluted and very genuine lives. Dillon, Texas is obsessed with football, and this team of teenagers becomes the center of attention very rapidly. It's definitely not for everyone, but we would recommend that you give it a shot, at the very least!

Quick vote: We really like this show. It original, different, and we've grown to love it; though we tend to tune out when the actual football portion of the show is on.

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