Wednesday, January 7, 2009

TV: Big Love

Big Love has been on the air for a few years, but we haven't picked it up until recently when a few people happened to recommend it to us. The show follows a family of polygamists living in Salt Lake City, trying to live a normal life and yet still stay under the radar. The show is from HBO, so be warned there, but we really like it. It's smart, sassy, and does quite a good job of portraying the family, the LDS people, and the FLDS people.

Bill Hendrickson lives a quiet life in Sandy, a suburb of Salt Lake City, owning and operating two hardware stores. He lives in a quiet block and owns three houses, each of which contain a wife and a few children. His middle wife, Nikki, is the daughter of an FLDS prophet, and tied to a community the rest of them want desperately to distance themselves from. This peek into the lives of a polygamous family, what they give up and what they gain by living 'the principle,' is fascinating and we're very much enjoying it. Not to mention all of the fun stars that crop up everywhere (including Deb from Napoleon Dynamite!)

Quick vote:
We really like this show, and the way that it portrays LDS people (a little crazy, but nice people) in comparison with the FLDS people (gross and strange). This is a very well done show, and HBO has done an excellent job.

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