Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Music: Birds Flying Away by Mason Jennings

Mason Jennings is a relatively unknown artist who we accidentally stumbled upon. He has an incredible ability to write moving songs with poignant and often times, political, lyrics. We really like his acoustic styling and his rich vocals. Two paws up!

"Fight the violence with nonviolence.
What good is justice if the scales are bent,
By a criminal government.
Think of the dead in Vietnam.
Think of the dead in Birmingham.
Think of the freedom we don't understand."
--Black Panther

"Dr. King,
I think often of you,
And the love that you learned,
From Jesus."
--Dr. King

Quick vote: Though this guy totally thinks he's a Martin Luther King Jr. reincarnated, he's got a lot of talent and we really like him!

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