Thursday, January 15, 2009

Movie: Sex and the City

All year we've been hearing about how phenomenal the Sex and the City movie is, so one night when our dad was out of town, we went out and rented it. It was probably much better for those people who have followed the show for years, but we still enjoyed it. It's definitely rated R for a reason, and it's not a movie that most males would tolerate, but we liked it.

Carrie Bradshaw, amazing author and friend extraordinaire, has found her happy ending with Mr. Big and she has decided to marry him. Her three friends each have their own happy endings which become convoluted through the course of the movie. It's a fun film about fashion, friendship, and love. The movie was much better than we expected, even though we had never really seen the television show.

Quick vote: We liked it, alright; it was pretty fun. Don't mock us mercilessly!

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