Wednesday, May 7, 2008

TV: The Office

We have been watching The Office for several years, and we're incredulous that we have yet to review it here! The Office is based off of a British sit-com of the same name, which basically tells the story of a basic, boring office and the antics that go-on there. The first couple seasons were excellent, but we have to admit that either our attention is waning, the writing has lost some of its quality, or both. We're just not as enamored by The Office as we have been in previous years. That being said, we still quite enjoy it.

Micheal Scott is both the most ridiculous, and most amazing boss in the history of retail paper companies. He rules with an iron fist and a joke book. His trusty sidekick, Dwight, is always prepared with a survival technique, whilst Jim is playing a practical joke on him. Kelly is self-involved, Creed is bizarre, Meredith is a lush, Angela is severe, Oscar is gay. The fun never stops with these guys!

Quick vote: We're sure you've seen this show before. We recommend going back and watching the old shows on DVD, they're much funnier.

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