Thursday, May 15, 2008

Movie: Bee Movie

We had many people (of various reputes) recommend the Bee Movie to us as a funny, computer-animated film intended more for adults than for children. This is a lie. The movie does have its moments, and made us LOL (Laugh Out Loud for our older readers.) several times. However, it is definitely targeted at children, don't be fooled.

Barry is a bee. After graduating the Bee University, he is about to start a lifetime of grueling labor when he decides he wants to leave the hive and adventure. What he does find is a beautiful woman whom he hits it off with (This subject is awkwardly mentioned and then quickly dropped leaving us wondering about the logistics...) and starts a crusade against honey-stealing humans.

Quick vote: This movie was cute and quirky. These bees were funny!

Aunt Kenya's Philosophy: I have oft admired the graceful bee for his verve and panache. When spring comes around, I like to take a bee in my mouth and instruct it on the cruelties of the world. The bee generally responds by stinging me back; proving my point I might add. A movie on this incredible species was long overdue and I was pleased to see the advertising exploits of Jerry Seinfeld finally pay off. What a disaster his book tours were!

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