Friday, May 30, 2008

Blogs: 4 Reale

Our Aunt Didi has a friend/roommate/shopaholic who has a blog. Her name is Sarah Reale; her blog's name is "Keeping it Reale," which is a pretty tough name if you ask us. Her blog is about... Well, her blog is about life. She blogs about life, love, the pursuit of happiness, texting conversations, interesting articles she has read. We do have two suggestions to improve her blog: 1. Write more often (We generally say this about every blog we enjoy though.) and 2. BLOG ABOUT THE BITCHES! We spent several hours with her last weekend, enduring the sounds of Rock Band until post-two am!!!! If this is not blog-worthy, then we don't know what is.

"Although I live my life with the highest degree of academic honesty, I am currently taking offers to write my last paper.

I will pay cash."
--Word of the Semester: Oy

"Angela: I'm giving blood right now.

Sarah: Interesting. Don't they know you have a disease?

Angela: Being a bad ass isn't a disease.


Angela: Why gross? You ever done it before?

Sarah: Nope.

Angela: Sar, it saves lives."
--Another Sar/Ang Text Convo for the Record Books

Quick vote: Sarah's blog is great, and a real fun read.

Aunt Izzie's Wiz-ord: Sarah is effing whack. ROTFL. LOL. LOTR. OMFG. CULTR.

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