Wednesday, May 21, 2008

TV: Law & Order: Criminal Intent

We love crime shows! If we had the time, we would volunteer our noses to the local police department, but we have too much blogging and such to keep up with. In another life, perhaps. For now, we'll just have to satisfy our desire for justice and mystery solving by watching such shows as Law & Order: Criminal Intent!

This L&O is different from the classic in that there is little to no courtroom side of things. Instead, there is a neurotic detective that uses psychology and his own amazing smarts to coerce evil criminals into confessing. Basically, it's like a modern Sherlock Holmes, only on tv; and with a pretty sidekick rather then that dumpy Watson fellow.

Quick vote: This is a pretty fun detective show that we can sink our teeth into! It's a tad cheesy, but we like cheese!

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