Thursday, May 1, 2008

Movie: Atonement

We love Kiera Knightley's films (Well, mostly Pride and Prejudice, what a masterpiece!), so we thought we would check out Atonement. Additionally, it was nominated (and may have won, we're not sure) several Oscars, and it's always interesting to watch what the critics think is interesting. It's quite an interesting show about a young girl's misunderstanding and condemnation that leads to a lifetime of regret and angst.

The previews left us thinking that the young lovers are caught in a tryst and then forced to spend their lives pining over each other because of their early sins. The story is more convoluted than that, and quite difficult to convey in a thirty second preview. Cecilia Tallis, a young wealthy British woman, and Briony Tallis, her younger sister, are living together in their parents' spectacular house. Briony spies Cecilia with Robbie Turner, the Cambridge-educated son of the housekeeper, and misinterprets several situations. Then when time comes to lay blame for another incident, Briony blames Robbie, condemning him.

Quick vote: It took us a while to get into this movie, it had quite a slow start. In the end, however, we really liked it.

Aunt Izzy's Wiz-ord: Yo bitches, listen up! This movie is WHACK! I ain't no fool, you ain't pulling the hair over my eyes! (Unless my hair grows over my eyes...) Check it iz-out!!!!!!!!!

Note: Aunt Izzie is our mother's sister, sort of. She's a Golden Doodle (1/2 Golden Retriever + 1/2 Poodle), and a bit "stoopey."

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