Thursday, May 8, 2008

Movie: 27 Dresses

We just watched Katherine Heigl's new film, 27 Dresses. Though we haven't always loved her characters (and we especially despised Knocked Up) we thought we would give it a shot. 27 Dresses also boasts a couple other actors that we like, such as: James Marsden (Enchanted, Hairspray), Judy Greer (Arrested Development, Elizabethtown, The Village), and Edward Burns (The Holiday, Saving Private Ryan).

Jane is the ultimate big sister, and she's never gotten over it. She is a professional assistant by day, and the ultimate bridesmaid in her free time. In addition to this, she has her irresponsible little sister to watch after. But when does she have time for herself? Never. On top of this, she's in love with her boss and he falls for her sister. Oh, and a pesky reporter is chasing her around trying to get info on her for a story. The plot was fun and cute, but we weren't impressed by the execution. On top of all this, we had a hard time with the sister v. sister plotline. (We are sisters, and we get along very well, thank you! Of course, we don't have any girl-parts any more, so we don't really have to worry about arguments over boy dogs....)

Quick vote: Here goes Izzy (Grey's Anatomy) whining again about how hard her life is. It was fun and cute, but we were left wanting more.

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