Monday, November 24, 2008

Movie: Twilight

Along with thousands of other bitches this weekend, we snuck into a movie theater to view the much-anticipated film, Twilight. If you recall, we adored the books, and were excited and nervous for the movie adaptation. Movies from books, especially beloved books, are often a disappointment, and we knew that the budget for Twilight was very small and that Robert Pattinson's hair was out of control...

What did we think? We liked the movie. The special effects were at times quite dreadful, and some of the acting was sad; but overall we really enjoyed it. The roles were very difficult to act, and the expectations hard to live up to, but we think that the main characters, and especially the secondary characters, did an excellent job.

Quick vote: If you go into this movie expecting a masterpiece, you will be disappointed. However, if your expectations are lower, we think you will be as pleased as we were at Stephanie Meyer's creation in Catherine Hardwicke's hands.

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