Friday, November 7, 2008

Blogs: What's In My Head

Our Uncle Chichi has just started his own blog titled, What's In My Head. Chet is an aspiring writer, and it's always a pleasure to hear what the coolest 11-year-old we know is thinking about! And as it turns out, he's mostly thinking about football.

"Im sooo bored.... this is just some random post thing or whatever cuz im bored. REAALLLLYYYYY BOREDDDDD. But the good thing is that tomorrow is friday so its the last day of the week AND its halloween and we might have a bonfire at this tight dude named Kinkade's house after we trick-or-treat and spazz out totally.WOOP WOOP!!!!"

"Four different times the Warriors were near the endzone but only twice actually scored. The Aggie offense did pretty well, but their defence was outstanding against the big bad Hawaiin offensive line. . They definately didn't want what happened to them against the Fresno State guys, with that 58-yarder.The game ended with the Aggies leading 30-14 over the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors."
--USU vs Hawaii

Quick vote: Uncle Chichi is awesome, and so is his blog.

Aunt Izzie's Wiz-ord: Uncle Chichi?! He's my brother Chichi, and he's the shizzzzzz!

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