Monday, November 10, 2008

Books: The Rabbi's Cat by Joann Sfar

For book club this month, we are reading The Rabbi's Cat by Joann Sfar, which is a graphic novel. We have never read any graphic novels before, and didn't know quite what to expect, but what we have here is a 150-page-long comic strip about a curious cat.  This book is intended for adults and contains some adult content, but reads like a Peanuts strip, a very different experience from our usual literature.

The rabbi lives in North Africa.  He has a beautiful daughter, a noisy parrot, and a silent cat.  One day, the cat eats the parrot and gains the ability to talk.  At this point, nothing can shut him up and he tells the rabbi and his daughter exactly what he thinks about philosophy, God, and his feline existence. 

Quick vote: Graphic novels are not for everyone and not for all the time, but we really enjoyed this one and would recommend it to anyone curious with the genre.

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