Friday, November 21, 2008

Blogs: Lala

We're always up for the latest in internet technology, and so were excited when we first heard about Lala. It's a Pandora/Rhapsody-esque idea, where you can play any song through once, listen to it forever online for 10 cents, and for 89 cents you can buy the high quality mp3 to download where you will. An interesting idea, especially if you do most of your listening next to a computer, or you use your computer as a stereo and have a good internet connection.

We think the product works well. We never had any problems with buffering or playback. The main problem we found with Lala, is that there is not a great selection of music. We think it could really take off if it were to work on smart phones (Like our mother's iPhone!), and with 3G speeds, loading wouldn't be an issue, and neither would storage. But we're not onboard for this iteration, and we won't be using Lala much.

Quick vote: Another interesting internet music product, but not one we're inclined to recommend.

For a fun Friday treat, try this!

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